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The Florida Middle Grounds

Liveaboard Spearfishing Charter

Wed July 4th – Sun, July 8th

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$1485 per person includes:

Ray Hog Crop

  • Tanks, Weights, and NITROX Fills for all Dives
  • 5 days / 4 Nights on The Ultimate Getaway
  • 3 Days of Diving (up to 4-6 Dives Per Day, depending on conditions and individual profile)
  • All Meals, Snacks, and Selected Non-Alcoholic Beverages*
    • A cooler will be provided for your adult beverages, just remember that safe diving rules will apply.
  • A private bunk / cubby with pillow, sheets, and blanket
  • 5 hot water / fresh water showers
  • 4 marine heads (private restrooms)
  • A 10% base gratuity for the crew (They will earn it and more, I assure you)
  • All taxes and credit card processing fees


What’s the Overall Plan?

  • Wednesday, July 4th:  Arrive late afternoon (exact time TBA) at the dock.  The address is 18450 San Carlos Blvd. Fort Meyers Beach, FL 33931.  We’ll load gear, get a boat briefing, and get underway early in the evening.  Hopefully we’ll see some fireworks as we cruise north along the coast of Florida.  Dinner will not be served this evening so eat before you arrive or bring it with you.
  • Thursday – Saturday (July 5th-7th):  DIVE, DIVE, DIVE.  We’ll wake each morning to an amazing breakfast prepared by Chef Phil then head to the dive deck.  We’ll be divided into two groups of up to 10 divers.  One group will be underwater while the other is on its surface interval.  I anticipate up to 4-6 dives per day depending on individual profiles and overall conditions.  Lunch will be served around noon during our surface intervals.  At the end of the dive day you’ll have time of a shower before dinner.  I can’t say enough about the quality of the food served onboard — you will not be disappointed.  After dinner we’ll hang out on the dive deck and swap lies…err stories about the day’s events and life in general.
  • Sunday, July 8th:  We’ll be back at the dock late-afternoon.  Fish cleaning stations are available or the crew will help you, just take care of them if they do.  Ice will be provided for your coolers to keep your catch fresh on the drive home.  We’ll swap e-mail addresses and phone numbers, and start planning for our next adventure together.

Hog and Spearo

Why Book Now?

  • Payment in full gets preference on bunk and seat on the dive deck:
    • You choose your bunk (aft bottom bunks are preferred)
    • You choose your seat on the dive deck for the whole trip — First In / First Kill
  • The deadline for bookings is Wednesday, May 28th 2018

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Is this trip for you?

These are some of the qualifications / attributes we’re looking for on this trip:

  • Certified as an Advanced Open Water Diver (minimum)
  • Certified to dive with Enriched Air Nitrox (EAN)
  • Experienced with Drift Diving *
  • Experienced with Underwater Hunting (Spear Fishing) *
  • Be an ethical underwater hunter and be able to manage your fish until back on the boat *
  • Be safe and responsible diver and don’t push the limits
  • Be willing to assist your fellow divers — this is a team sport
  • You have dive insurance to help manage an unfortunate situation in the event it occurs
  • Be social and fun-loving.  We dive hard, but at the end of the day we love to hang out on the dive deck and tell lies… err factual stories about the things that happened underwater that day

* We have training available through some of our partners to help you get ready for the trip.  If you’re an experienced and solid diver but need a little help with safe/ethical spearfishing techniques and/or fish ID we might be able to help you.  Contact us at (833) 348-3293 or info@aquaticworldexplorers.com for details.

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What / Where are the Florida Middle Grounds?


  • The Florida Middle Grounds covers an area of about 1,200 square kilometers (460 square miles) in the northeastern Gulf of Mexico, approximately 180 kilometers (110 miles) northwest of Tampa Bay.
  • Running parallel to the shelf edge in a north-northwest direction, the ridges are as much as 60 kilometers (40 miles) long and 15 kilometers (10 miles) wide.
  • Water depths range from about 25 meters (80 feet) on the crests to more than 45 meters (150 feet) in the troughs.  Individual banks have vertical relief of 10 to 15 meters (30 to 50 feet), about as high as a 3-5 story building.
  • Dive depths will be between 80FSW and 130FSW

middle_grounds map

What is The Ultimate Getaway?

IMG_0007 (002)

The Ultimate Getaway lives up to her name.  I would describe it as the Ultimate Experience or perhaps Pure AWEsomeness! But you can find more details on the boat here:  http://www.ultimategetaway.net/ Here are a few key attributes from their website:

  • Fast & Stable 100′ Aluminum Vessel
  • Powerful Twin V-12 GM Diesel Engines
  • Space Age Navigational & Safety Equipment
  • Spacious Interior Lounge
  • Individual Bunks for Everyone on Board
  • Full Galley – Five Star Dining provided by our Culinary Specialist
  • All Food & Beverage included
  • Large 15’x8′ Dive Platform with Freshwater Shower
  • Five Fresh, Hot Water Showers
  • Four Restrooms
  • Chase Boat for Tech Trips
  • 22 CFM Compressor
  • Nitrox Fills for your Safety using a membrane system
  • Ample Room for Lounging & Sun
  • Huge Bimini Awning provides Shade
  • Color TV & VCR
  • Unlimited Dives
  • USCG Inspected & Certified

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